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LOKe In Nairobi!

I’m sorry it’s taken ages, but LOKe is finally here!!


LOKe in Nairobi


If you’ve somehow managed to miss out on the info (Or in reality, you’ve been living under a rock, haven’t you?). I wrote a book. It’s called Lords Over Kenia: The Prophecy of the Moon Chief. a.k.a LOKe. I tell yah, it’s huge. It’s big. It’s beautiful. We’re going to build a wall around it. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s like nothing you’ve read before. So says you when you buy it and read it and LOVE IT.







Okay, now that you love my book, four ways you can get a hold of LOKe (The eBook costs $7 (or Ksh. 700) and paperbacks are $14 (or Ksh. 1400) only;

  1. Buy Lords Over Kenia as an eBook on Kobo, Amazon, Barnes&Noble or iBooks (Just search for Lords Over Kenia by V. W. Matinde on any of those online stores).
  2. Alternatively, I can send the digital copy directly to your email once you deposit your cash on my M-Pesa.
  3. Call/Email/WhatsApp/Tweet/Facebook me (If we’re tight like that. Or even if we’re not. Whatever) then we a make plan to meet up for the exchange. Deliveries are free!

Also, there are upcoming promotions and free book giveaways. Stay tuned here and on my social media pages for more details!!

Later sluggers!



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