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LOKe Excerpt: K’Ogalo

“No! Not like that! Look, you should put your hand like this.
And when you let go, make sure it slides off your fingers. See how I
do it?” the young prince Tomas said as he mocked a throw for his
new friend Miranti, showing the young boy from the Drylands how to
make the soft rocks from the lake shores bounce on water.
“Like this?” Miranti asked. The Laibon had agreed to take
him on his travels to Lwo Land after implores by the boy’s father,
Lenyani the third chief. Miranti was at present being wowed by the
sight of the rocks refusing to sink into the water.
“Yes! Now throw it as hard as you can, and slide it through
your fingers.”
“Oh! I don’t think this is working, little king!” Miranti said as
yet another of his pebbles frustratingly sank straight into the
water, “or is there a special rock I should be picking?”
“Any rock can do. See?” Tomas threw another one, watching
it majestically bouncing to beyond their sight, “You are not used to
this sort of thing in the Drylands?”
“It is called the Drylands for a reason, you know!”
“No waters? How do you fish with no waters?”
“We don’t fish! Enkai blessed us with cattle and lions instead.
We go hunting and make jewellery. I made this myself!” Miranti showed
Tomas  an impressive neck piece before his focus was suddenly drawn
to a large stone figure on the hill just beyond a small plantation, “Say, what’s that up there?”
“That’s the statue of the fierce rock. And that is K’Ogalo’s Hill.”
“Who is K’Ogalo?”
Tomas was stunned. No water, no fishing, no K’Ogalo? Aaaah! What kind of
bleak lands did these people come from? “You have never heard of the great
K’Ogalo? Why, K’Ogalo is the mighty overseer, the bishop of Kanyanwa who can travel through
time,” Tomas said, waving majestically in the air, “he sees
things that have yet to pass and what happened long ago. His
words are as powerful as a venomous bite from a black snake. He is
the very man that warned us not to resist the pale men when they
“Why does he stay up there?”
“So, he can be closer to Nyasaye of course!”
“He lives with the mute, but he is harmless,” Prince Tomas
could see Miranti’s eyes burst with brightness like the morning
sun, his mind cheekily convening imperceptible plans, “Oh no,
Miranti! I can see you planning something mischievous in that
little bean head. You will get us in a lot of trouble!”
“We’ll just have a peek and come back. What harm can surely
come from a peek? Come on! I didn’t know princes were such
“K’Ogalo’s hill is a sacred place and forbidden especially to
little children.”
“I don’t see any little children here. Listen, we will just have a
little go around that creepy hut, then come back before anyone
notices we were even gone!”
“Are you sure?”
“I make an oath to the dead ancestors.”
This was the strangest boy Tomas had ever seen. He was
rough, the numerous scars on his elbow and back told. He looked
like a young warlord. But after such an endearing oath and to the
dead ancestors none the less, how could Tomas refuse? He too was
curious anyway. And it was just a harmless peek, right? Right?


Excerpt from Lords Over Kenia: The Prophecy of the Moon Chief by V. W. Matinde. To find out where to order and get LOKe, click here.


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