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LOKe EXCERPT: Jare, The Brown Headed Tamer

The following is an excerpt from Lords Over Kenia: The Prophecy of the Moon Chief by V. W. Matinde
“What took you this long?” Miranti loudly quipped, “Still brushing the silver off the boat?”
“Are you the sun chief?” Jare spoke out loud ignoring Miranti’s taunt.
“Speak your words fishman,” Miranti replied. Jare kept mum as though he was still waiting for an answer to his query, “the sun chief is indisposed, Jare the brown head. I speak for him. Aaaah! Don’t look so surprised lord of war. I know who you are.”
“Quite a conundrum. You seem to know who I am but I have no desire to know you. Listen whoever you are, I have much to discuss with the sun chief, so be of some use and fetch him for me, would you?”
Even in the sun’s shadows, the moonlight would still need to fight for his place? It ignited Miranti’s narcissistic rage. The moon chief did not particularly appreciate being undermined before his men, “Tell me something Jare, how does the son of a blacksmith come to lead the army of the Lwo? How does a boy dug out from the murky bowels of obscurity, make to be a noble man and an aide to the great King Kano? Did you whore out your sister Emili to the crown?”
Jare shrugged his big frame. Who is this indolent brood? Why does he speak with such contempt? If only that lion wasn’t so close! “Such big words for a barbarian mounted on a ferocious animal. I have reconsidered. Tell me your name barbarian, so that I shall tell my children whose blood stains my sword!”
“I am Miranti the moon chief, son of the third chief and eighth in line to the title of Laibon,” he couldn’t help himself. Finally, recognition!
Of course, Jare mulled. “The resemblance is striking. You think because Olonana’s blood runs through your veins that you are better than me? Come, get away from your animal so I can show you that your blood is the same as that of the son of a blacksmith!”
“To defeat me, general, you must defeat my lion as well and to defeat the lion, you must defeat me. Do you not know anything about honour?”
“And what do you know of it? Is there honour in attacking a lowly and defenceless town? Where is the honour in slaughtering innocent women and children? You cannot know of honour that you don’t possess!”
“Your people started this. Stealing our animals and murdering our people. It was only fit that I end it!”
“This battle is yet to begin, moon chief! I have only just arrived! But you have as much authority here as the straps of my sandals. Send for Simei, the one who can speak on behalf of your people. Tell him I have word from the king.”
“Enough!” Miranti said fuming, “I will show you what authority is!”
Jare had a sly grin on his face as Miranti sent one of the riders after him. Negotiations were for weak men, not for warriors. He ordered the bowmen not to fire until he was overrun by the lion. The bulky warlord steadied his feather-decked hat and swung his sword menacingly, ready to show just why he was lord over all the Lwo army. Everyone was keen to see the outcome of man versus beast.
For a big man, Jare moved swiftly, avoiding the early swipes of the lion’s large paws. But he did not anticipate the animal being sharp and speedy. Its blows whooshing and thrashing, one after the next. The growling animal soon caught Jare, cruelly landing a paw onto the right side of his face and knocking him to the ground. The lion stood right on top of him and gave out a thunderous roar as if to tell every one of its triumph and giving fair warning to those who yet doubted its superiority.

Jare and the lion

The display gave Jare a moment to ponder and recover. He grabbed his sword that had kindly fallen next to him and as the lion came down to attack, he stuck it deep in the belly of the lion, changing its mighty roar to a pathetic squeal. The animal skippered away, writhing in pain and throwing the rider in front of the crimsoned Jare.
“Let it be known that my offer for peace was declined. When we crush the barbarians and send them back to their desert, let everyone know that the Drymen spat at us!” he said, grabbing the Moran, lifting him above his large frame and slitting his throat with his silver sword, “you leave us no other choice than the spilling of blood!”


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