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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

Early mornings, late nights, unending research, eighty
thousand words requirement shocker! Writer’s block, writing flow, joy, moments of craziness, hopelessness, elation, steep learning curve! Almost giving up, self-doubt, self-confidence, constant editing, first draft, second draft, several drafts! Heartbreak, eagerness, told I wasn’t good enough, depression!

Eager readers, family support, no support, friends, loss of friends, countless documentaries, coffee!! Lotsa coffee!! Seclusion, delusions, daydreaming, encouragements, discouragement, awesome experience, riveting conversations, human disapproval, satan’s lies, GOD’s favour!

No regrets, no pity, no complaints, no stopping, no going back, no mediocre dreaming, no failure, no laziness, no procrastinating! Yes to more books, yes to a bright future, yes to daydreaming, yes to excellence, yes to gaining, yes to awesome experiences, yes to success! Yes to God’s favour!

Only God’s favour!!

Happy Birthday to my baby, my boo(k), Lords Over Kenia!!!

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